“Sea Fever”: Neasa Hardiman talks tensions and creatures

04.04.2020 - By Slice of SciFi Radio

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warning: minor spoilers may be contained within

"Sea Fever" writer/director Neasa Hardiman stops by to talk about building a tense story wrapped around a character dilemma stuffed inside a deep sea creature feature.

She talks about the lead character's social anxiety acting as a catalyst counter to the unknown creature, about playing off the nature of the unknown and how that can affect people when the realization that they don't control anything outside of themselves sinks in, and taking responsibility when it's the hardest decision there is.

Sea Fever will be available on VOD and Digital on April 10th, or you can watch a premiere streaming screening on April 9th, 8pm ET via PPV at https://seafever.watchdust.com, followed by a Q&A; with filmmaker Neasa Hardiman and actors Hermione Corfield and Connie Nielsen

Website: seafevermovie.com
Twitter: @GunpowderSky, @watchdust

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