Episode 2: Self-Development Mastery in the 2020s Decade

01.14.2020 - By Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up Podcast

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In this second episode of the "Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up" Podcast, Dr. Gruder challenges the status quo of the human potential movement. We need to radically revision self-development in the 2020s decade so we’re better equipped to rise above the societal and political craziness, and become more fully authentic, happy, healthy, & empowered as individuals, and more effectively integrious, collaborative, & impactful as citizens. In this Wake Up, Wise Up, Step Up podcast episode, Dr. Gruder unveils a powerful strategic framework to help this happen.

You'll find the free resource Dr. Gruder mentions toward the end of this episode at www.DrGruder.com/hpmasterclass.

Discover where Dr. Gruder stands on the issues he is missioned with addressing at www.DrGruder.com/position-statement.

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