#75 Simon Rex

02.25.2019 - By Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

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Model, MTV VJ, Actor, Rapper and Music Producer, SImon Rex drops by to talk about his journey in the entertainment business, his meditation practice, his 1st experience at Burning Man, Traveling, his experience with plant medicines, physical and emotional healers, and much much more.

Connect with Simon Rex:
Website | https://dirtnastymusic.com/
Facebook | https://bit.ly/2SozhRb
Instagram | https://bit.ly/2UCrNYf
Twitter | https://twitter.com/SimonRex
YouTube | https://bit.ly/2hYnOGu

Show Notes:
Simon Rex on Tangentially Speaking | https://bit.ly/2BboIqM
Dirt Nasty 1980 | https://bit.ly/1bnrFgG
Gus Van Sant | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gus_Van_Sant
Mickey Avalon | http://mickeyavalon.com/
Transcendental Meditation | https://www.tm.org/
Getting Into The Gap by Wayne Dyer | https://amzn.to/2CWPBPi
Tribe by Sebastian Junger | https://bit.ly/1rdwd8k
Burning Man | https://burningman.org/
Buddy Pass | https://bit.ly/2MHsjRS
Chris Ryan PHD | https://chrisryanphd.com/
Young Guns | https://bit.ly/2HIcsUm
Med Men | https://medmen.com/
5-MeO-DMT | https://bit.ly/2Sdta1S
Wild Wild Country | https://bit.ly/2MIJLFB
Reiki | https://iarp.org/what-is-reiki/
Epigenetics | https://www.whatisepigenetics.com/what-is-epigenetics/

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