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We are joined by Celine Le Cotonnec, Chief Data & Innovation Officer at Bank of Singapore and Shameek Kundu, Chief Data Officer at Standard Chartered Bank.
They share with us their perspective on what the function and goal of the Chief Data Officer is. From Shameek’s experience, the function of the Chief Data Officer role varies by industry, maturity of the organization with respect to data and sometimes even by geographic location.
Celine refers to a study that shows a successful data transformation is 20% about tech, 50% about the people’s mindset and 30% process reengineering wherever you are implementing some type of data product. For her, one key aspect of the CDO role is how you manage the people to achieve transformation within the organization.

"Many banks that have built some kind of credit model, even with traditional analytics, have seen their models crumble with Covid-19."

"In any successful data transformation; 20% is about the tech, 50% is about people and their mindset and 30% is about process change."

"If you want to detect financial crime, absolutely the holy grail of AI, in order to detect something like financial crime, at least in supervised learning, you need to know that a transaction was financial crime. But all we can do is detect potential financial crime, then we go and report it to a regulator and we never hear back."

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