Episode 147: Snow, Snow and Snow!

02.09.2015 - By Knittin' On The Fly

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Jetsetting: Work: been cold and snowy. but days are getting longer and I love it!Booked our pre-honeymoon warm up trip to Aruba last week. Mid May is the trip! So pumped!22nd: Chicken attacked by Coyote. Shot twice, no sign since.Snow began: 8", then  23", then 14", then 6".  We are getting 6-10" today. Not far from where Honey works, they got 76" in 10 days. Oi Vey! Running out of places to put the snow, literally. The good thing is that the storms have been so bad that our flying has been cancelled a lot.  Makes my stress level a lot lower. tomorrow may be a challenge. Hangar roofLast Thursday night, I was trying to deice the plane and the prop spun and i walked right into it. Hence the black eye and cuts on my face.  Hurt more fri and saturday then it did when it happened actually. Enroute: Honey sweaterHoney socksShawlsReservations: Amazon winner. Been crazy busy shipping out lots more sloth cards.Cleaning craft room still. Just so much stuff to organize Pellet stove doing awesome! Best money I've spent in the long time, besides our wedding!! The pattern for the wedding shawl made by mountainpurl is BelarraFor the Birds: Coyote attack. Fezzy, Chicken, Nickel and Dime remain. Eggs still flowing. Chicken was injured but has recovered. They are sick of being cooped up. But they won't go walk in the snow, so they come out on the deck and squawk a bunch and then go back in.

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