SOS 005 Designing Winning Amazon FBA Private Label Products Through Marketing & Product Research

03.27.2015 - By

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Luke and Justin discuss how to develop and design winning Amazon FBA products through product development research. Luke's discusses his experiences so far learning from the podcast and what he takes away from it. While Justin highlights how he does product marketing research using Amazon reviews and what percentage of people mention important things to improve the products around.

Links Talked About
Google Keyword Tool - Our favorite tool to find how many searchers are done on our keywords.
Amazon Top Seller List - The magic list to do research on Amazon PL products.
Alibaba Marketplace - My favorite place to find manufactures in China to create private label products.

Downloads From Podcast
Product Development & Improvement Worksheet - (instructions also included in spreadsheet notes).

Ways to get more granular with your Amazon FBA private label product research
- In addition to doing my basic product research when choosing private label products I will expand off the data to find even more gems.
- I do this by taking the best products from the previous results we talked about researching in episode 3 in a spreadsheet and branching off in the categories in a new spreadsheet like the last one. if you haven’t.
- Then add small products in the Amazon top seller list category of the products you found repeating the same exercise.
- I recommend that you also explore subcategories and add products to your list that compliment each other.
- This way if you choose to build a brand you can cross promote them and make the most of your advertising spend.
- This research should give you a good idea too of what type products you can private label next.
- Typically I am doing this almost every few days and building a master list of ideas to expand off of, but I would recommend it be done at least once or twice a week.
- I will also click on the brands of the products listed to see which other products they are selling.
- is another good place. Just go to the website and click on the category your selling on Amazon in and then organize the products by Best Sellers.
- Sometimes I will also go to Google trends and see the search volume of people searching for those products over time and get an idea if sales are seasonal.

Once you have decided on which products your interested in most you are going to want to find ways to improve them.

1. The benefits of improving the private label FBA products.
- It will give your products an edge in the Amazon marketplace over everyone else.
- You can differentiate yourself in more competitive markets.
- Improving your products will enable your products to stand out and increase your advertising conversions and save you money over time.
- You will get better reviews if you end up fixing problems with other competing products customers complained about.
- More people will want to review your product when you start building up your reviews on your Amazon listing if your product is different.
- The more you improve on products the better you will become at spotting products that can be improved on.

2. Researching Amazon Product Reviews to Improve PL Products
- To do this just visit Amazon then search and click on the ratings of the product your interested in selling
- Then look for common descriptive words about your product people complain about and praise.

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