Special Souls that incarnate called the Houdini Kids, & Empaths and Indigo Kids | Lesley Lupo: Ep. 5 | S1

01.08.2021 - By Life Continuing

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Lesley returns for another interview to discuss the 'Houdini Kids': a term she coined after learning about blindfolded bodhisattvas during her near death experience - souls that incarnate to elevate humanity. HK's are born into difficult circumstances with little to no support from their families or communities. They can feel like the black sheep in their families or society at large, yet they are always loving and forgiving to others no matter what is done to them. Lesley also talks about empaths, and Indigo Kids - souls that incarnate and make drastic changes to society at a young age with their mature understanding of the world and their accelerated skills that they use to make the world a better place for all.
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Old Soul: Someone who has innate wisdom about life, even at an early age
Young Soul: Someone who takes longer to learn lessons during their incarnation on Earth
Bodhisattva: enlightened beings who have ended the cycle of rebirth but choose to reincarnate in order to help others attain enlightenment
Blindfolded Bodhisattva ('Houdini Kids'): souls that incarnate, usually into difficult life circumstances and do not recognize their soul development; high level of forgiveness for others; here to elevate the planet
Indigo Kids: souls that incarnate and hit the ground running; contribute to improving humanity at a young age in childhood or adolescence; examples are child inventors or youth environmental leaders
Creator: Tania Berg
Advisor: Amanda Cupido
Music: Richard Feren
Editor: Cathy Ord

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