SPIDERMAN Mysterio Illusion New Easter Eggs Revealed! | Inside Marvel

10.09.2019 - By Inside Marvel: An MCU Podcast

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Spider-Man Far From Home Mysterio Illusion Battle Breakdown! What VFX details and visual Easter Eggs did you overlook as Peter Parker fought Quentin Beck under the Mysterio nightmare illusion? In this episode of #InsideMarvel, Erik Voss dives deep into the illusion sequence that you might have seen a few times by now to point out some hidden clues that are only recently being pointed out by the VFX team behind the film. How did the artists adapt imagery from the Marvel comics, The Matrix films, 007 movies, and horror films like the Evil Dead to make the most vividly haunting nightmare for Peter? What was Mysterio's master stroke in their Spider-Man trap? Is "Quentin Beck" not even Jake Gyllenhaal's character's real name? And how does this sequence set the stage for Mysterio to continue to be a dangerous villain in the MCU going forward?
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