Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

By Darla Trendler

What's Spiritually Minded Women Podcast about?

There's more than one way to be a spiritually minded woman who wants to make and keep covenants, know her Savior and make it back home. Yes, there are essential CHECKPOINTS on the covenant path, but there are NO CHECKLISTS with a million checkboxes you must check off.

Each week on the Spiritually Minded Women podcast I’ll be sharing insights about how to embrace YOUR journey on the covenant path with CHECKPOINTS instead of CHECKLISTS.

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How to Do All the Things Go...


In early 2020, Lynnette Sheppard was called to be a Relief Society president. She was already feeling inadequate and then the pandemic hit along with many personal trials including family challenges and business struggles. By January 2021, Lynnette felt she ...

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