By Gabriel Alvarez

What's Starcalled about?

Starcalled is a science-fiction, action-adventure audio drama. Set in the galactic frontier, Starcalled follows the dangerous lives of Lieutenant Saranus Kron and Dr. Elona Zoren, two young officers in the 443rd Colonial Fleet Infantry, as they race to uncover a conspiracy under the ever looming specter of war. This narrative fiction podcast features a full cast, an original cinematic score, and immersive sound design.

Intended for a mature audience. Listener discretion is advised.

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Book 1, Chapter 8: Through ...


The colonials of the 443rd adjust to their new conditions. Tensions in the Gerlian System come to head when Director Tetzi arrives at the station. Captain Landris faces the reality of his situation, leaving Kron and Elona struggling to keep ...

Starcalled episodes: