The Power of Genetics

Staying Curious and Honoring our Health with Sleep Medicine Specialist, Dr. Param Dedhia

06.03.2022 - By 3x4 GeneticsPlay

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Dr. Param Dedhia is a dedicated internal and integrative medicine practitioner. He is a board certified Integrative Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Doctor, Obesity Medicine Expert, and Sleep Medicine Specialist.

His years of training at Johns Hopkins University and Canyon Ranch allowed him to bridge eastern and western philosophies, and connect traditional wisdom to modern science.

As the Founder & Medical Director of Moveo Health, a personalized health program focused on longevity, he continues to pursue his passion and be an advocate for people to live their best lives.

In this episode, Param shares with us some valuable lessons and words of wisdom on the importance of staying curious and honoring our health.

Topics discussed in this episode:

- What led Param to study and pursue medicine, and how it became his calling

- Lessons he learned from his journey to becoming an integrative medicine practitioner

- The importance of cultivating our curiosity

- Sleep as a pillar of optimal health and healing

- How his personal health challenges empowered his commitment to honoring health

- The need to be attentive to our health and using symptoms as health barometers

- Why we should focus on healthspan over lifespan

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