Steen Jakobsen: The Greatest Inequality is Generational

04.22.2021 - By News Items Podcast with John Ellis

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Here are the news items:

More than half of American healthcare workers said in a recent poll they felt "burned out," and 3 out of 10 are considering leaving their professions.

New research shows male dolphins recognize their “friends’” signature whistles.

A catastrophic second wave of COVID-19 is sweeping across India. 

The mega LBO (or leveraged buyout) might be making a comeback as the private equity world sits on a record $1.6 trillion in cash.

Mexico will likely legalize marijuana this year, and that could have major implications for marijuana policies in the US.

PLUS: Rebecca interviews Steen Jakobsen, the CIO of Saxo Bank and creator of its famous yearly “Outrageous Predictions,” about inflation and inequality.
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