Stopping Drinking: 3 Powerful Tips To Survive The First Week Of Sobriety

01.17.2022 - By The Happy Sober Podcast (The Stop Drinking Expert)

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Stopping Drinking: 3 Powerful Tips! I have been getting a lot of emails from people worrying about getting started on their own sober journey. The first week seems insurmountable for a lot of folks, and I think I understand why. Everyone who arrives at my website or YouTube channel has tried to control or moderate their drinking on their own, many times. Sometimes dozens and hundreds of failed attempts lay in their history with this nasty drug. So, the ego makes a prediction that the future can only lead to more of the same. There are many reasons why people put off getting started and nearly all of them come from some sort of fear. But remember that f.e.a.r. is just an acronym for false evidence appearing real. It may seem logical that if you have failed to quit drinking multiple times in the past that the likely outcome of yet another attempt is only going to lead to more disappointment.

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