Strange Days with Fernand Amandi

By Fernand Amandi

What's Strange Days with Fernand Amandi about?

Strange days have found us…Political commentator and electoral polling guru Fernand Amandi leads this weekly roundtable discussion about news, politics and culture. Frequent guests include prominent national reporters, former and current elected officials, opinion makers, filmmakers, and anyone else with their finger on the pulse of our nation during these unprecedented times in the age of Trump. A new episode every Thursday coming to you from our studio in South Florida.

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Digital Civil Wars & Lying ...


Buckle up, #StrangeDaysPodcast listeners, because you're in for a ride! This week, we discussed impeachment and the fourth Democratic debate with one of the most ferocious political voices in the twitterverse, Democratic strategist, Peter Daou. Later in the podcast... You've ...

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