Succubus Part 1 by: Rose Caraway

10.12.2017 - By The Kiss Me Quick's Erotica

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Succubus Part 1 September Goodman's best friend Fran has sex, a lot and changes boyfriends frequently. But when September has sex, it's not in the traditional sense. She is a Succubus and physically she is still a virgin. She secretly sucks the souls of men she finds attractive, and most of the time they never even know it. But now, Fran has turned her desires towards September and asks her to perform the unthinkable. Join September Goodman as she takes you back to when her body was slammed into irrepressible puberty, and then fights the internal battle between deeply ingrained rules and customs over Fran's proposal. Join her as she clears her mind and goes on the prowl for a few good men to soul-suck. Enjoy more sexy audio stories with Rose - here  Rose Caraway Phone- (202) 810-5477 Web- Email- Twitter- @theKMQ @RoseCaraway @BigDaddyDayv Rose Tells a TRUE sex Story at Bawdy Storytelling!  YouTube:

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