Suicidal Vietnam vet says to God: "Prove that you're REAL!" (PT1)

02.19.2016 - By Amazing Testimonies Podcast (Christian Testimonies | True Stories | Inspiration | Faith)

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Norm Rasmussen grew up in the 1950s in a small logging community called Bates, Oregon. Norm and his 5 siblings were reared in a dysfunctional home were constant fighting between his parents were practically a daily norm (no pun intended).

In 1966 after graduating high school, Norm enlisted into the U.S. Army. One year later, Norm found himself stationed in the war of Vietnam. Having experienced the horrors of the Vietnam war, Norm returned home to the U.S. an emotionally and mentally devastated man.

Norm only found comfort and temporary peace when bingeing heavily on bottles of alcohol.

At 35 years old, Norm life was filled with so much despair and hopelessness that he began to seriously contemplate taking his own life as a way of final escape.

One night while laying in bed, restless, unable to sleep contemplating suicide, Norm began to call out to God asking, questioning & challenging God to reveal himself and prove beyond any doubt that God was indeed real.

Don't miss this powerful, moving testimony and true story of Norm's life!!! Listen now as Norm Rasmussen testifies about, “The Morning God Became Real”.

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