Supply Chain Innovation by William Crane

By William Crane

What's Supply Chain Innovation by William Crane about?

Welcome to the Supply Chain Innovation podcast, hosted by IndustryStar Founder & CEO, William Crane. In this podcast series we share real-world lessons learned, big ideas, and resources from some of the top industry change-makers and leaders at firms across supply chain, procurement, quality, materials, logistics, product development, engineering, and manufacturing with the hope that you'll learn new strategies, tips, and tools for improving new product launches.

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E56 Procurement Metrics Tha...


Wil Knibloe III, Principal at advisory services firm Crowe, LLP, joins William to discuss the topics of procurement and strategic sourcing, including what type of roles procurement and sourcing play in an organization, leadership methods that consistently maximize results, and ...

Supply Chain Innovation by William Crane episodes: