TForce GG - Episode 182: Disco Inferno

10.23.2019 - By TForce GG - A General Gaming Podcast

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Hey remember how Riot GAMES is called Riot GAMES but they only have ONE GAME so they shouldn't be called Riot GAMES they should be called Riot GAME?
Well now they have multiple GAMES so I guess we can call them Riot GAMES and it actually makes sense. So that's cool.
Also Phokal has been talking about a GAME called Disco Elysium and he's gonna talk about it here and it sounds pretty cool.
So lets talk about GAME or maybe even GAMES cause the second G in GG stands for GAMES and not GAME.
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Intro: Yamato and Mito - Kenseiden (Sega Master System)
Outro: Gold Dust Woman - COPILOT Music + Sound (Dishonored 2 OST)

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