The All In League Of Legends Podcast - The Import Rule

02.24.2021 - By The All In League Of Legends Podcast

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Hey League Of Legends and LCS fans! Join TheLeagueDad, Kevin, Mitchell, and Alastair as they go all out on the hottest and the most recent scoops about the LCS, certain players trending on social media, and the entire controversy of the League’s Import Rule. What is everyone saying about it, and will the people behind LCS listen to their supporters? In this episode, aside from digging in on homegrown players, what viewership holds, etc., they will also be throwing in their bets on who’s going to bring home the bacon from the upcoming matches in the weeks and months to come.  Have you made your bets? Tune in and join the discussion in this episode of The All In Podcast. About The All In Podcast: A League Of Legends podcast that discusses the most popular fan opinions around the LCS. Outline of the episode:[03:24]The LCS and the recent heat about the Import Rule.[04:55]Regi’s tweet to Jack caused a fire.[05:55]The controversial Reddit post and the response Jack gave.[07:26] The business behind the League.[10:30] How can the Import Rule affect homegrown talents?[13:06]Viewership – Sponsorship – Their paychecks.[16:20]The commitment that comes with being an import player.[22:34] Is there any good that can come from lifting the import rule?[30:33] An awful way to tear off the Band-Aid.[32:19]Team Liquid: Below or within the top three?[39:30]Did Team Liquid play well? And What Cloud9 could’ve done.[48:23]The difference between playing proactively and randomly.[54:48] Predictions on Cloud9 vs. Golden Guardians.[1:02:00] Immortals vs. Team Dignitas.[1:03:32] Where are all these Mcdonald’s memes coming from?[1:04:12] Team Liquid vs. FlyQuest: How the game will flow.[1:05:33] Cloud9 vs. Evil Geniuses.Resources: Cloud9 Jack Etienne calls out fans over import rule: Get the Podcast: Be a part of the podcast: Watch us LIVE, Thursdays at 5pm EST: Connect with The All In League Of Legends Podcast on:
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