The Baby Bubble

By Mamamia Podcasts

What's The Baby Bubble about?

Are you no longer phased by going out in public with someone else’s vomit on your shoulder? Do you find yourself awake at 3 am, feeding the newest addition to your family thinking “Am I the only person alive right now? It’s so lonely!”

Then you are in the Baby Bubble and at Mamamia, we thought you might need a little company.

The Baby Bubble is the podcast for parents trying to behave like competent humans on two hours of sleep or for people who don’t have kids but are curious about what you do with tiny people who just poop and cry all day.

Each week join mum of one, Zoe Marshall and father of twins, Sean Szeps, for a no BS conversation about what to expect way after the expecting bit is over.

Think of this show as your lifeline in the witching hour, a place you can call when you’ve just got your baby to put something in its mouth instead of the floor or a warm set of audio arms that are here to wrap you up when you’re losing your mind and tell you “it’s going to be ok!”

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