The Bacteria Cookbook

11.27.2020 - By Tumble Science Podcast for Kids

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Bacteria are among the simplest forms of life on Earth. Each cell is identical to the one next to it, sharing the same DNA. So why do they all act so differently? Turns out, there’s a “cookbook” inside each teeny tiny bacteria cell, and every single bacteria has different ideas about the recipes it wants to make. Mary Dunlop is a biological engineer who’s a creative cook both in the kitchen and the lab - and she’s cooking up her own experiment of science discovery.

Watch Mary’s “cell movie” on the blog post on our website, It’s really cool to see!

You can learn more about synthetic biology in our interview with Mary, available for Patrons who pledge at the $1/level or higher, on

This episode is supported by the National Science Foundation under award number MCB 2032357.

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