012 - The Benefits of Defining Roles & Responsibilities in your Organisation.

06.18.2015 - By Engage - The Human Resource Podcast Show

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In episode 12 of Engage Alistair discusses the benefits of defining roles and responsibilities in your organisation and the use of job descriptions.

Over the past few weeks Alistair has been delivering a range of workshops , and common themes through the managing difficult conversations subject has been the roles and responsibilities piece. Alistair mentioned job descriptions away back in one of the first episodes when he was talking about recruitment, but in this episode it’s more relevant for existing employees and using as a framework to manage people.

A good job description or roles and responsibilities document should contain the following:-

• Title of the job
• Where the role sits within the team, department and wider business
• Who the role reports to, and other key interactions
• Key areas of responsibility and the deliverable expected
• Short, medium and long-term objectives
• Required education and training
• Soft skills and personality traits
• Location and travel requirements
• Salary range and benefits available
• Discuss the company’s culture

We’re also helping another client with their expansion plans, looking at succession planning but ensuring the new roles that are created have defined job descriptions. This not only helps the people moving into these roles know what is expected of them but allows the manager or business owner to support, guide and manage the people performing the role.

Job descriptions should be flexible but it’s important to communicate the key elements of the role. Sharing roles and responsibilities of your management team with the people they work for is good practice as it sets expectations and clarity.

Thanks for listening and if you would like to get in touch, you can do so via email, our website, and on Twitter. I’d also be happy to share examples of job descriptions or roles and responsibilities if this is something you’d like help with.

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