028: The Black Girl Quota

10.19.2016 - By Stripcast: True Stories from a Stripper with a PhD

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What’s up, dudes? Thanks for tuning in to Stripcast: True Stories From a Stripper With a PhD.   I grew up in the South. Where I come from, confederate flags fly, and cotton and tobacco fields stretch into the horizon. My homeland is the home for former slaves and former criminals against humanity.   I grew up in the South. I stayed in the South. I stripped in the South. The sins of our fathers do not stop at the strip club door.    In Atlanta, there are two types of clubs. There are black clubs, such as Onyx and Magic City—there are the really famous clubs. Then there are "mixed" clubs like The Cheetah, Oasis, and Pink Pony—places I worked.    These “mixed” clubs are mixed in name alone. At almost any "mixed club," there is a "black girl quota," often unspoken but ever there—a finite number of brown-skinned women allowed to walk these floors. For these women of color, the expectations are higher, and the rewards often lower. Today's episode is about that dynamic.    You can connect with Lux on Facebook at facebook.com/lux.atl or follow Lux on Instagram @lux_atl.   If you enjoyed these true stories from a stripper with a PhD, feel free to share or leave a review on iTunes. You can learn more about Lux ATL and subscribe to her newsletter at LuxATLSpellBook.com 

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