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By Cesie and Angela

What's The Bravo Docket about?

The Bravo Docket is a podcast where two practicing attorneys examine and discuss the lawsuits and legal disputes of reality television personalities. Press play for facts, fun, and Law 101. Access bonus content, listening links, and additional near-daily updates here: The podcast, the statements we make whether in our own media or elsewhere, and any content we post are for entertainment purposes only and do not provide legal advice. Any party consuming our information should consult a lawyer for legal advice. The podcast, our opinions, and our posts, are our own and are not associated with past and/or current employers, Bravo TV, or any other television network. For questions, comments, media inquiries, praises, gripes, and anything else, email us at [email protected]
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Legal Brief: The Laws Aroun...


After consuming a higher than average amount of reality television this weekend, I saw examples of surrogacy and got to thinking about the laws in place to protect surrogates and parents. This week's legal brief looks at the laws specifically ...

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