The bull market in commodities is just getting started

03.08.2022 - By Wall Street Unplugged - What's Really Moving These Markets

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We’re in a crisis unlike any other in recent memory. I break down the massive volatility amid the Russia-Ukraine war… and the Fed’s plans to raise interest rates. [0:30] Meanwhile, politics are helping send oil prices rocketing higher. Prepare for a rant... The situation goes to show how much—and how quickly—government policies can change the market landscape… as we’ve seen since Biden replaced Trump in office. [5:00] And there are several simple solutions to high oil prices the government is ignoring… [13:55] As politicians ramp up the economic sanctions on Russia, I name a few sectors that should see a lot of increased investment dollars. [22:40] And you definitely want exposure to commodities. I share some stats on why we’re still in the early stages of this bull market. [26:45] Enjoyed this episode? Get Wall Street Unplugged delivered FREE to your inbox every Wednesday: Wall Street Unplugged podcast is available at: --: -- : -- :  : :. : :

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