06.18.2020 - By The Genetic Genius

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Do you suffer from Chronic Pain? You are not alone! Join Dr. Blake Myers, Naturopathic Physician, as he discusses the root causes of chronic pain and the cellular connection.

Some of the profound topics discussed on today's episode:
1. Is inflammation the driver of pain?
2. How do you know or discover the root cause of your chronic pain?
3. Is chronic pain connected to gut health?
4. What is the different cellular response in acute pain and chronic pain?
5. What is the relationship between chronic pain and autoimmune disease?
6. What is prolo-therapy and how is it effective in treating chronic pain?
7. What is fascia and myofascial pain syndrome?
8. How can contrast hydrotherapy help reduce chronic inflammation?
9. How can journalling or expressive writing be an outlet for releasing the trauma associated with chronic pain?
10. How and is CBD helpful chronic pain and inflammation?

This episode is amazing and off the hook with tips for addressing the root cause of chronic pain - you are going to want to share this one!

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