The Creative Drive Behind “Volition”

07.11.2020 - By Slice of SciFi Radio

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This week is a double feature of featured double interviews, all about "Volition", the smart scifi thriller that takes a look at combining crime capers and a narrowly constrained gift of clairvoyance, and the consequences of dodging or avoiding consequences.

First up, Tony Dean Smith and Ryan Warren Smith, the brothers who directed and co-wrote this indie feature, talk about the film's journey from the film festival circuit to feature distribution, the process of writing and producing the movie, and more.

Next, actors and brothers John and Frank Cassini talk about their roles in "Volition", how they developed their characters' relationships as production was underway, as well as going with the flow while learning to understand the twisty timeline of the movie.

Both Frank and John are active with teaching in the Vancouver acting community as well, with Railtown Actors Studio and other workshops.

"Volition" is now available through Apple TV, Prime Video & other Digital Platforms!

Twitter: @tonydeansmith, @RyanWarrenSmith, @CassiniJohn, @FrankCassini, @adrianglynn, @MagdaEh, @volition_movie

Railtown Actors Studio:,
Twitter: @railactors

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