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What's The Damn Dirty Drive-In about?

A weekly podcast about movie riffing, sci-fi, horror, and anything else from the B-movieverse! In June 2019, this podcast became The Damn Dirty Drive-In. Included are Episodes 1-167, our classic back catalog, dating back to March 2016. Please enjoy! The new Drive-In podcast opens for business with original sketches, movie discussions, interviews, weird food tastings and more at Episode 168. Recorded in Hollywood, California, and in the Roof Lizard Lounge at The Dino Hotel in Lakewood, Colorado.

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Episode 218 - It's A Myster...


Good Gravy! It’s a mystery ripped right from the comics of Gothic Horror Cartoonist Edgar Allan Poe. When Eddie Poe and the rest of the Poe-nuts gang travel to the streets of Paris on a school field trip, they run ...

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