10: The Dollar Drill Down, from Rob Dyrdek, MTV’s Biggest Host! $125K an episode or Royalties?

07.19.2021 - By Trading Secrets

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Rob Dyrdek got his first brand sponsorship at 12 and at the age of 16 dropped out of high school to become a professional skate-border. Did you read that last sentence and wonder what he was paid at 12 for the sponsorship and at 16 to be a pro skater? Me too and Rob tells us everything to the penny! A brilliant business man and savvy individual learned from experience and not the classroom. From a young age, he was negotiating, deal making and leveraging his skillset, sport and fame like no individual I have ever spoken with.  We talk all numbers, lessons and strategies with the shows Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory all the way too Ridiculousness.  Does Rob take $125K an episode or negotiate a different angle?  What would you do?  Rob gives us the ultimate dollar drown while providing the ultimate Trading Secret that could change your life and overall happiness! 
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Voice of Viewer: David Arduin 
Executive Producer: Evan Sahr 
Produced by Dear Media.

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