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By Dr Louise Newson

What's The Dr Louise Newson Podcast about?

Leading menopause expert and GP, and founder of The Menopause Charity, free menopause support app called balance and Newson Health Menopause Society, Dr Louise Newson, hosts the menopause and perimenopause information podcast, helping women receive unbiased, evidence-based, and holistic advice and treatment.

Every woman‘s experience of menopause is different and some may not find it a pleasurable or positive experience. Having menopause symptoms can really affect your life in a detrimental way and not enough women talk about their menopause. There is still much uncertainty about what the menopause means and how it can be managed and I hope my podcasts will empower you with the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding any treatment and lifestyle changes, and helps you turn your menopause into a positive experience that doesn‘t negatively impact your life.

For the latest free, unbiased, evidence-based information and advice, visit, formally known as My Menopause Doctor.

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