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In this episode of Limitless Laowai, we're continuing our series on "Creating amazing relationships: understanding the transformative power of the Enneagram. In this episode, we'll explore "Type 6" The Loyalist." Sixes can be partners who are challenging because they often question the underlying motives of their partners..."Do you really love me?" is a question that is often on their lips early in a relationship. Once they "get it" they are incredibly loyal and devoted and also low maintenance. They're also excellent at seeing the real problems in a relationship but that can be frustrating to partners who wish to focus on the positive rather than the positives. Does that describe someone you know? Tune in to learn more! Special thanks to this episode's sponsors, Concordia International School Shanghai; discover more at // What'd you think of this show? Send comments, questions, and feedback to the host at [email protected]

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