#089 - The Faculty of Abrac with John R. King IV | Glitch Bottle

04.12.2021 - By Glitch Bottle Podcast

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Do spirit registers really matter that much? What about merging science and magic? Why is it so important to re-establish and maintain covenants with the Divine to successfully do the work? What is the deeper meaning of the 72 spirits of the Lemegeton’s Goetia? Why should more attention be paid to the role of the magician? John R. King IV - author, artist, jeweler, goldsmith and experienced ceremonial magician - stops by to share about these themes in his latest book “The Faculty of Abrac”, answer your Glitch Bottle Patreon listener questions, and so much more! ►Get your copy of “The Faculty of Abrac”: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/john-r-king-iv/the-faculty-of-abrac/paperback/product-qwmz2r.html?page=1&pageSize;=4 ►John’s “Imperial Arts” blog: https://imperialarts.livejournal.com/ ►John’s “Five Lectures on Demonology”: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/john-r-king-iv/five-lectures-on-demonology/paperback/product-1z88m59v.html?page=1&pageSize;=4 ►

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