The First Cut Is the Deepest

06.02.2016 - By Code Grey(s)

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In Part 2 of our two-part premiere, we cover ALL THE THINGS and with 25% less giggling (it's a process guys): the unbearable heaviness of Meredith Grey (03:00)...Cristina Yang and (also Sandra Oh's lesbian heroine in Under the Tuscan Sun) (10:00)...the power of female friendship (13:00)...the ethics of Mer/Der (19:25)...Miranda fuckin Bailey (26:00)...Preston Burke as a devastatingly attractive jerk (31:00)...the cultural dilution of Sophie's Choice (39:00)...and our bits! (43:00), including a very special Medical Fact of the Week at the 52:00 mark where we take a deep dive into the horrifying practice of medical repatriation #immigrationreform

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