Episode 105: The First of Many International Episodes

03.04.2019 - By The Farm Cooking School

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We’ve laid the groundwork for you and now it’s time to dig deep into the meat - and soil - of what we do: we cook, we explore, we teach, and we learn. In today’s episode, we’re jet-setting without the jet-lag. First, we trek around India with Chef April Galilio: a lesson in history and geography quickly turns into one about evolution and the future of the country’s cuisine. Then, Shelley invites us into her kitchen for a mid-day fiesta where she puts a tortilla around a pinata and calls it a taco. And, yes, it’s just as unexpected and exciting as it sounds. Finally, Chef Nicky Lee explains why Americans love Chinese takeout, how takeout isn’t really Chinese. And yes, we’ll talk about that giant elephant in the room: MSG.

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