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Join the Mayhem this week as we talk modern comic spec, The arrival of Red X into Dc Comics continuity, Bruce Wayne becoming the darkest detective, The Carnage symbiote hits the jackpot, we get a little WandaVision as we take a dip in the Deadpool and have a laugh with HAHA. All of this and more as we count down our top 10 favorite J Scott Campbell covers.

Modern Comic Mayhem is the premiere YouTube show for the modern-day comic book collector and pop-culture investor. Each week we discuss trends in the market, key books, top ten lists, new comics, back issues, films, and TV shows among other factors in the market. We do not limit our discussion to modern, copper, bronze, silver, or golden age comics, but include discussions regarding original art and toys. We also discuss cleaning, pressing, third-party grading, and restoration detection with a focus on helping collectors improve the quality of the PC books.

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Tales From The Flipside is your source for quality content within the Pop Culture community. We talk about comics, cards, toys, movies, and more. Just about everything is collectible these days and we love to talk about them. We have a large line-up of shows that cover topics such as Comic Speculation, Comic Collecting, Star Wars Theory Crafting, Women in Comics, Lists, and much more!

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