The future of Real Estate, Office work and mental wellbeing - interview with Gavin J. Gallagher

09.29.2020 - By Billionaires In Boxers Global

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A fascinating discussion with Gavin J. Gallagher, an experienced Property investor, developer & podcaster! This discussion covers, the future of the working environment, the mental stresses and strains of Real Estate during difficult economic times & finally, sharing hints and tips to thrive in tough times. --- Gavin J. Gallagher been a property investor and developer for over twenty years now – he's experienced two major recessions and have a feeling we are about to enter a third. Gavin got caught badly in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and spent the better part of a decade in damage control and paying off debt. The collateral damage from being careless and over-leveraged taught me some powerful and often painful lessons. Today he is motivated to share these experiences with others in the hope he can elevate their game, shape their investing habits and help avoid some of the mistakes he made. As a Director of Earlsfort Group, Gavin has been involved in the development of commercial real estate and corporate workplace solutions for more than two decades. He is responsible for operations at East Point, a large, award winning office campus developed by Earlsfort back in the 1990’s. East Point is home to 50+ corporate occupiers ranging from Oracle to Google. On a typical day we could have upwards of 9,000 people working here. Gavin spends a good deal of his time collaborating with occupiers in the design, development and operation of productive work environments that resonate and engage with a younger workforce. 

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