#2 The Guide to Barefoot Training w/ Dr. Emily Splichal, founder of Naboso

05.20.2021 - By Exercising Health

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In this episode, I speak with Dr. Emily Splichal, a world-renowned podiatrist and human movement specialist who has taught her unique barefoot training approach to 20,000 professionals in more than 35 countries. 
In our discussion, we cover the four types of flat feet and how to fix them. Dr. Splichal describes the connection between the glutes, core and feet, and how getting all three to work together leads to movement proficiency and longevity. We also delve into the scientifically-backed reasons for which exercising on various surfaces, such as concrete, increases our risk of developing injuries.
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Read Dr. Emily Splichal's book: Barefoot Strong - Unlock the Secrets to Movement Longevity
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