The Impact Sessions 18 - PR - What Exactly Is It & Is It Right For My Business?

01.07.2020 - By The Impact Sessions Podcast

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On this episode of The Impact Sessions, Rachel Clark, Director at Wrapped PR shares her views on the whole PR world.

It is often a very misunderstood discipline and often, people either ignore its real potential or fail to maximise its impact, neither of which is ideal, for the client or the industry. PR, or Public Relations to give it its full title, sits alongside the sales and marketing mix and is integral to supporting areas such as brand, reputation, sales, and business strategy.

Rachel, quite naturally, is a passionate advocate of PR but on this episode, she presents compelling evidence of the value and impact that PR can deliver for a business.

She even has an offer of a free initial PR Telephone Consultation for any Impact Sessions viewer or listener to demonstrate that value and impact.

Contact Details 

Rachel Clark

Founder of Wrapped PR

 Tel - +44 (0) 7557 400973

Email - [email protected]


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