The Impact Sessions 27 - Recruitment is Easy - There Are Loads of Candidates Around!

11.16.2020 - By The Impact Sessions Podcast

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On this Impact Sessions Podcast, I discuss all things recruitment, people strategy and the commercial value of working with professionals with my guest, Charly Melia, Managing Director of Integrated Recruitment.
With so many candidates on the market, is there even a place for a recruitment business?
Where does doing it yourself stack up against engaging professional support?
How in tune is your “gut instinct” and what if it is “off”?
Why should recruitment and HR be more valued at the top table and what is the impact of not valuing either or both?
And what is the “one for the future” or “team of the future” all about, and should your business be adopting a similar approach?
This and more are discussed in a fascinating episode that any business owner or anyone responsible for recruitment or potential future recruitment should listen to or watch.
If your business has growth plans, don’t risk that growth without a proper, effective recruitment and people strategy.
Contact Details
Charly Melia, Managing Director Integrated Recruitment
Tel - +44 (0) 7423 105399
Email - [email protected]
Web -

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