Ep. 159 The Interview That Could Save America

06.05.2014 - By Stansberry Radio - Edgy Source for Investing, Finance & Economics

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This week, Robert L. Woodson, Sr., Founder and President of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, joins Stansberry Radio.Porter and Brabsy start the show with some updates on the energy market. Find out the two simple reasons why Porter is still completely bullish on natural gas... And... Is there a company that is building a plant that can convert natural gas to gasoline?You'll hear how this could be one of the safest plays you can make in the oil industry.Then, Porter starts the interview by asking Robert "What do you think is the core problem in our inner cities today?"You'll hear Robert break down the recent phenomenon in the Black community.Where did the violence and fear start? Robert brings out the reality of the situation.Is there a conspiracy happening right before us? Is there an impact of disparity and drug laws?What is driving the incarceration rate? Porter and Robert talk about the contributing factors that are increasing these outrageous statistics daily.It's an eye-opening episode that will truly enlighten you to what is really happening to the cities of America.

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