The Kempcast

By Ross Kemp / The Chancer Collective

What's The Kempcast about?

Ross Kemp has made some ninety odd documentaries, predominately in hostile environments. And during that time, he’s found himself in a few interesting situations...He’s been shot at, tear gassed, had knives pulled on him and even spears thrown at him.   But in all those years, what’s impressed him the most, is the resilience of the human spirit - Our ability, no matter where we’re from, to overcome and make it through to the other side.   In this series, he’ll be talking to some incredible individuals who all have engaging stories to tell, and have themselves overcome some extremely tough moments in their lives. We hope that if you listen to how they overcame their toughest moments, it may help you overcome yours. Whether you’re going through one now, or you’re faced with one in the future.

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Ep18. Jason Plato


Jason Plato is a British racing hero (and occasional villain!). He is a two time winning BTCC champion, and also holds the record for the most race wins in the competition. Jason’s book ‘How Not to Be a Professional Racing ...

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