Ep 651 | The Left Wants to Make Insurrection Great Again | Guest: Joe Navarro

06.30.2022 - By The Chad Prather Show

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The Left is still trying to get over the Roe v. Wade decision and is calling for the “burning of the system” or the packing of the “illegitimate court.” Does this mean that “insurrection” is a good thing? Orange man bad is still a thing for the progressive Left. A CNN guest now blames Trump for something, and it's CRAZY. Christian TikTok influencer Joe Navarro joins the podcast to discuss how can TikTok can be used to share the Gospel. California screwed the pooch with a MASSIVE PRIVACY BREACH that leaked California gun owners' private information. Intentional? Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s bashing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and people think she’s running in 2024. Are we going to see Hillary 2024?
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Right now, court-packing is the real danger to our democracy. Make no mistake, court-packing is a coup. The radical Left is working overtime on new plans to pack the Supreme Court. Look, if we don’t stop them from installing 4 more justices so they can rig the system in their favor – it will be catastrophic for our court, our country…our way of life. And we can’t let that happen – not on our watch. Go to http://Supreme Coup.com to sign First Liberty’s letter. 
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