The Midnight Reading: "Gabriel-Ernest"

10.28.2018 - By Fireside Mystery Theatre

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A man encounters a mysterious young boy on a walk around his woodland property. The strange child makes some very morbid boasts about his life in the woods. How seriously should his words be taken?The Midnight Reading is a special series of dramatic readings of lost classics from the world of macabre fiction that have inspired our show, [**Fireside Mystery Theatre**]( We hope to encourage you, dear listeners, to embrace the joy of books and to build your own collection of dark literature.Hosted by James Rieser"Gabriel-Ernest" by Saki — read and performed by Ali SilvaThis episode is sponsored by **[Robinhood](**, an investing app that lets you buy and sell stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptos - all commission-free. FMT listeners get a FREE stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint to help build your portfolio! Go to **[](**!Created and produced by Gustavo Rodriguez & Ali Silva for Fireside Mystery Productions Written by Silbin Sandovar Post-production audio by Ali Silva Theme music by Martina DaSilva Audio recording engineered by Wayne Silver at The Ice Plant Studio in New York CityCopyright 2018 Fireside Mystery Productions**Support what we do! [Become an FMT Patreon Patron.](****For upcoming live shows go to []( /// [@firesidemystery](**#shortstories #darkfiction #weirdfiction #books #literature #reading #fiction #greatauthors #horror #mystery #macabre #unexpected #library #wolves #werewolf #lycanthropy #weird #supernatural #shapeshifters #murder #terror #howling #saki

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