E998: The Next Unicorns: Benchling CEO & Co-founder Sajith Wickramasekara is increasing efficiency for scientists with a cloud-based platform, gives insights on recent life-science innovations, ethics

11.06.2019 - By This Week in Startups - Video

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0:53 Jason intros Sajith Wickramasekara
1:40 What does Benchling do?
2:24 How did Sajith get into life science?
6:55 Benchling's value proposition for scientists
9:04 How do they charge?
10:43 Is Chamath Palihapitiya the most famous Sri Lankan in the US?
13:25 Why immunotherapy is the most exciting development in life science
19:00 3D Printing & harvesting organs in other species
20:50 Ethics of editing a human embryo
28:19 How did the scientific community respond to the embryo controversy
29:52 Breakthroughs in gene therapy
34:09 Defining the line between quackery & brilliance
42:37 Upside & downside of genetically modified crops
47:54 What is the best approach for breakthroughs in life science?

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