E995: The Next Unicorns: NEXT Trucking CEO & Co-founder Lidia Yan brings trucking into the digital age with her two-sided marketplace, shares insights on finding & focusing on an untapped market, owni

10.30.2019 - By This Week in Startups - Video

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0:55 Jason intros Lidia Yan
5:03 Lidia describes getting into the trucking industry and why NEXT focuses on "drayage"
13:29 How NEXT has revolutionized drayage shipping
18:22 What is a typical shipping broker's take rate
20:54 How does pricing work in the trucking industry?
27:28 How do trucking companies measure their driver's hours?
29:41 Issues within the trucking industry?
35:14 Did trucking lose employees to ride-sharing?
39:20 How NEXT compares to Uber Freight
44:50 Amazon's impact on the trucking industry
46:22 Trade war bringing inconsistency to trucking
48:41 How Lidia dealt with the challenges of being a woman starting a trucking company
50:47 Importance of getting to profitability early on

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