The Onyx Life

By Mirthell and Rita Onyx

What's The Onyx Life about?

Welcome to The Onyx Life where change comes with challenge. Our goal is to help create happy homes and financial empires and explore the lighter side of life. The Onyx Life is hosted by Mirthell and Rita who are known for their popular YouTube channels Onyx Life, Onyx Family, Onyx Kids and other channels under the Onyx brand with a combined total of over 4 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. They discuss their experience with entrepreneurship and the successes and challenges working together as a family to build a brand. They also cover hot topics, relationships, parenting, society, culture, books, tv and movie reviews and inspiring stories. Join us weekly.

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The BEST Relationship Advic...


In today's Onyx Life podcast episode, Rita and Mirthell discuss dating advice THEY wished someone told them when they were younger.

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