The Pilgrimage Saga

By Turpentine Productions

What's The Pilgrimage Saga about?

Welcome aboard the RIN Starstrider. This is your captain speaking.

You are listening to an audio drama about five humans and an AI trying to find home.

Captain Harris is here to complete her mission and keep her crew in one piece. First Mate Casana is here because it sounds like an adventure and hey, why not? Dr. Armstrong is here because… well, don’t ask her or she might rip your head off. Gabriel Grey is here because he likes machines a lot more than people. Darcey Eldridge is here because [REDACTED]. Saph is just… here.

The Pilgrimage Saga is a UK-based podcast by Turpentine Productions. It is produced by Francesca Mylod-Ford and Emily Hancock, and created by Francesca Mylod-Ford.

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2.6. The Long Way Home


The Starstrider crew become suspicious when offered the opportunity to phone home. You shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but some people aboard the ship seem to know a lot more than they're letting on... Content warning: This ...

The Pilgrimage Saga episodes: