The Quantum Mechanics

By The Quantum Mechanics

What's The Quantum Mechanics about?

Tangled in the equations of Quantum Mechanics, Parham Shafti & Dominic Plaza are riding the sine waves as a system in unison. Having music as their palette, their interpretations during this excursion have resulted in a series of releases under various monikers, the prime one being The Quantum Mechanics.

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Episode 04: Interference


The Quantum Mechanics Episode 04: Interference Tiefschwarz - Corporate Butcher (Rampa & Re.You Remix) [Watergate] Extrawelt - Herz Aus Blech [Cocoon] Terranova – So Strong Feat Khan (Twelve Inch Mix) [Kompakt] Agoria Feat. Scalde - Singing (Dixon Dub) [Innervisions] Dominik ...