The Return of the Sol | Triangle Squared Ep. 224

08.16.2021 - By Triangle Squared: A Playstation Podcast

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For as the prophecy foretold, a hero once brought weak by the clot shall make his return to his glorious position. That day it today as Triangle Squared welcomes back Sol after a 2 month hiatus! What's Sol been up to? How has he been? Is he back for good? Time for him to fill you in on all this as well as his thoughts on the ever unfolding Blue Box Game Studios saga and their recent "update" to the Abandoned app that showed the same 3 seconds that their Twitter showed days before the original air date.... Are you #TeamBelieve or #TeamReal? Get your Twilight books/movies out and pick a side in this slightly unorthodox episode of Triangle Squared: A PlayStation Podcast! New episodes posts every Monday at 12PM CST/10AM PST This show is possible thanks to the support of our Patrons. Consider becoming one today: Discord Server: Twitch: Email or tweet us your thoughts or suggestions! Twitter: Email: [email protected] PSN ID's: Add us! Brett - Chaimera086

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