The Sailing Anarchy Podcast

By Alan Block

What's The Sailing Anarchy Podcast about?

The world’s most popular sailing website and online community’s Senior Editor Alan “Mr. Clean” Block goes deep! Sure, we’re a sports podcast about yacht, dinghy, multihull, iceboat, and board racing, but we plan on touching every subject that effects not only our sport, but our sailors. That means everything: Fitness and training, the yachting lifestyle, event and media issues, politics, and just about anything else that comes to mind.

As any reader of Sailing Anarchy knows, we’ve got plenty to say about everything!

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#27 - Two Sailor Girls, One...


Few stories in sailing have caught the public’s attention like the rescue of these two Hawaiian sailors. At first a feel good story for the US Navy, Jen Appel’s inexperience and exaggeration turned the whole thing into a cautionary tale ...

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